Design I Build

Our services range from an initial analysis of our clients’ needs, the development of a design, and obtaining building permits, to managing the construction process from execution to completion, and finally to the provision of follow-up services. This integrated customer support is known as “Design | Build”; SYNCinc acts as the sole project contact for our clients. Consequently, our clients can rely on our team to coordinate all services and tasks during the design and construction phases.

Design | Build allows for the accurate and consistent compliance with projected building costs through close cooperation between designer and builders. After progressively calculating and updating the cost estimate throughout the planning phase, budget overruns are avoided through selective measures of cost adjustments for the whole duration of the construction process. This concept of integral customer support also includes transparent pricing of our services, which are packaged as clearly defined modules. Fees are calculated individually for every project according to the specific needs of our clients.

These all-inclusive services define SYNCinc as a leader in the field of customer service among Austria’s architects.

SYNCinc Package

The complete package: Services from SYNCinc are offered as individual basis modules each with clearly-defined content.


  • “Programming” – Identifying Clients’ wishes and needs
  • Building-code analysis and preliminary negotiations with building authorities
  • Schematic design
  • Establishing the project budget (preliminary cost projection +/- 10%)


  • Design Development, building permit drawings and application
  • Final negotiation with building authorities and obtaining the building permit
  • Project consultation with and coordination of external consultants
  • Construction documents


  • Production of building specifications, bidding documents
  • Analysis of builder/contractor bids and pricing, Cost Estimate +/- 5%, negotiation with builders/contractors
  • Awarding of contracts to builders/contractors, establishing cost and schedule limits (+/- 0%)
  • Monitoring of costs and administration of building contracts during the building phase, review and certification of payments


  • On-Site construction supervision and administration
  • Construction site coordination according to Austrian BauKG law


  • Notification of completion to the building authorities
  • Supervision of contract warranty compliance within legally allowed time frames
  • Consulting the client with subsequent functional adaptations

SYNCinc Extras

Additional specialized services are offered as a supplement to the SYNCinc Package.

MODUL-A Documentation of Existing Buildings

  • Analysis of existing conditions
  • Recording and surveying of existing conditions
  • Production of as-built drawings (2D und 3D)

MODUL-B Building Documentation

  • surveying newly-built existing conditions after completion
  • Calculation and documentation of actual built floor
  • Production of current drawings based on the surveying

MODUL-C Fire Protection and Security Systems

  • Development of fire protection and security concept
  • Production of fire protection and security plan documentsMODUL-D Presentations

MODUL-D Presentations

  • 2D / 3D –perspectives, renderings and animations
  • Presentation documents, brochures, digital presentations, etc.

OTHER Supplemental Consultant Services

  • Building physics
  • HVAC systems planning
  • Structural engineering
  • Supervision and coordination of consultants as general planner