The term “synchronized architecture” encapsulated in the firm’s name is exemplified by the congenial cooperation of the three founders who comprise the Team of SYNCinc Design | Build.  As the principals of the firm, Michael Maurer, Eric Red and Helmut Schuch purposefully apply their diverse strengths, experiences and specialized knowledge to each individual project, therefore facilitating the seamless collaboration among all project partners from design to realization.

Michael Maurer

Construction and cost management, project management, client service


Michael Maurer has been a planner, project manager and construction supervisor since 1989. His areas of expertise include renovation, revitalization, roof conversions, and interiors. He is also specializes in kitchen design. Michael provides optimal project management, as well as on-site execution and supervision of the construction process. He is also responsible for cost and construction management during the building process. SYNCinc also depends on his numerous excellent contacts in the building industry as well as in the various city building agencies.

Eric Red

Dipl.-Ing., Master of Architecture (USA)

licensed technical officer, design, construction documents, project and office management


Eric Red was born in New York. He studied Architecture at Washington University (St. Louis, USA), Harvard University (Cambridge, USA), and at the ETH (Zürich). His professional experience includes over 10 years of international practice in renowned architectural offices in the USA and in Europe. His work and expertise has been featured in various newspapers and architectural publications internationally. In 2007 he was a visiting professor for architectural design at Tulane University, New Orleans. Eric is responsible for design and design development, coordination of construction documents and general project management. In addition, he is in charge of SYNCinc’s internal office management.

Helmut Schuch

Architect Dipl. Ing.

Registered architect, certified and authorized for professional practice in Austria. Project management, resource management and client service


Helmut Schuch is the “all-rounder” of our team. He has been a practicing registered architect since 1981. From 1981 to 1986 he was assistant professor at the Institute for Structural Engineering, as well as assistant lecturer for conceptual design at the Institute for Building Theory, both at Vienna University of Technology. He was a client representative and appointed consultant for building projects and facility management for the Austrian Academy of Sciences from 1986 – 2008. In 2008 he was awarded the “gold medal” (“Goldenes Ehrenzeichen”) to honor his service to the Republic of Austria. His core competence is the execution of large-scale projects in the areas of revitalization and new development. As the registered architect of SYNCinc, he is the legal representative for the permit and construction process. He is also responsible for client service in the public and institutional sector as well as for the office’s internal human resource management.

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