House Favoriten

Categories: New buildings

Location: 1100 Vienna

Project Type: construction of a single-family garden house

Size: 180m²

Client: private


This house in Vienna’s southern district of Favoriten constitutes a modern counterpoint to its neighboring houses in the “Viennese garden-house style”.

An important prerequisite for the development of the project was the clients’ goal to use and live in the house year-round. The contemporary cube-shaped building disassociates itself from its surroundings on the northern street side through a closed façade. In addition, the property is bordered to the street through a line of trees. On the southern side, the house opens up to the garden through an extensive glass front. The external louvers regulate light and temperature according to the season.

The ground floor features an open-plan living area, while the bedrooms are located on the more private upper floor. The basement extends beyond the boundaries of the ground floor plan, which allows for the penetration of daylight through angled glass skylights. The natural lighting allows the inhabitants to use the basement as an additional living space.


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