SYNCinc operates with a flexible team: To guarantee the optimal configuration for any given project, an established core group of highly qualified specialists collaborate on a project-related basis.

Currently, four network partners are part of the core SYNCinc team responsible for services related to planning, specifications and bid documents. As a “general planner” for most projects, when the firm acts as an agent for the client providing all consultant services from design to execution, SYNCinc commissions its other partners to provide the required supplemental services. These networking partners include renowned consultants and advisers such as structural engineers, on-site engineers, building physicist, landscape designers and construction site coordinators according to Austrian BauKG law. Other cooperating partners are drawn from the building and construction trades. These companies are an essential and constant component of the design-build-concept. Through their involvement, SYNCinc is also capable of executing projects as a general contractor.

In addition, SYNCinc utilizes a competent team of advisers in the fields of tax consultancy, law, marketing and project financing to assist its clients with legal and financial questions.

External partners

Baumeister Dipl. Ing. (FH) Markus Berger
building physics, structural engineering

HC – Planung & Projektmanagement
building specifications, bid documents

DI Hans Wistawel
structural engineering

Gmeiner-Haferl Zivilingenieure ZT GmbH
structural engineering

Hubeni Bau GmbH & Co KEG
building site coordination according to BauKG law

Immorent Objekttechnik Haustechnikplanungsges.m.b.H
HVAC building technology

Obra Baumanagement & Bauconsult KG
Bconstruction management 

Aigner Auer OEG
carpentry, cabinetry

Ing. Rene Catarino
dry-wall construction | construction management

Flügel & Klement Ges.m.b.H.

Wolfgang Gilly Stahlbautechnik
Smetal | steel construction

Stadtbaumeister Ing. Hans Hofer
master builder | contractor

Glaserei Haidbauer
glazing, glass construction

Kern Metalltechnik GmbH
light-weight metal construction

Leitner Haustechnik Ges.m.b.H.

Ochsner Wärmepumpen GmbH
heating/cooling systems

masonry | tiling

Raiffeisen Lagerhaus Zwettl
timber | steel construction | roofing

RENOFIT Vielnascher Gerstl GmbH
floorer | carpentry

Tischlerei M. Schön
carpentry, cabinetry

Franz Reiter GmbH
electrical systems

Interiors Design di Molinaro Nicola & C.s.a.s
designer furniture

Past-current clients

Conwert Immobilien Invest AG

Cielo Immobilien Invest AG

Delvista Immobilien GmbH

Peter Freigassner Immobilien Gmb

HGK Immobilienverwertungs-GmbH

G1 Immobilienverwertung GmbH

Lifestyle Living Hotels & Residenzen Betriebs GmbH

Objektbau Bauträger GmbH