Penthouse Apartments

The roof level is equally coveted as a living space and as a real estate investment. During the design phase, it is important to consider all conditions of the existing structure from the basement to the attic.
The strengths of the SYNCinc team lie in its ability to simultaneously maximize volume, achieve logical, functional and clear floor plans, and meet its self-imposed demands for exceptional architectural quality.

Renovation I Adaptation

The improvement of existing living conditions through renovation represents a complex dialog between old and new. The goal is to rehabilitate unusable space and outdated systems and strategically replace them with new, contemporary architectural and functional elements and spaces. Since roof conversion and renovation of existing structures often takes place simultaneously, SYNCinc specializes in both areas. Whether an elevator is installed, a garage is built, plumbing or electrical lines are replaced, or interior stairs, Entries or Facades are renovated, SYNCinc is a reliable partner for all questions concerning redesign, rehabilitation and construction.