Location: 1050 Vienna, Hauslabgasse 13

Project Type: attic conversion (penthouse apartments), renovation

Size: 300 m²

Completion: 2005

Client: private


Three apartments for private clients were built in the Hauslabgasse with a total area of 300 m2.
The Wilhelminian-style building with the “cleared away” façade featured a saddleback roof. The silhouette of the roof remained unchanged.

In this project, two-story dormers were used both as design element and as a light source for the first time, therewith achieving optimal room volumes and illumination. The floor plan, based on the individual requests of the clients, was translated into a frugal and sustainable architecture. The open floor plan with the inclusion of the outside space allows several adjacent rooms to communicate with each other (“Durchwegung”), which makes the apartments appear bigger and more attractive.

Private terraces were positioned at the living room level and are facing the inner courtyard. The 60m2 terrace that is located on top of the roof features a view of the Viennese city center.


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