Location: 1030 Vienna, Fasangasse 1 and 3

Project Type: attic conversions (penthouse apartments), adaptation, renovation

Size: 800m² useable living space + elevator

Completion: 2006

Client: Cielo Immobilieninvest AG


SYNCinc was commissioned to convert the attic spaces of two adjacent buildings into luxury penthouse apartments in the Fasangasse. The original, almost 100 year-old drawings of the corner building featured a tower with a cupola that had never been built. An unconventional “dormer” was conceived as an abstraction of this original structure. The rotund design of the terrace level beneath this cubic glass dormer mitigates the distinctive corner of the building.

Two-story high elements, which were conceived as canopied terraces at the lower level and as glass dormers on the upper floor, now define the roof profile. It is these dormers that create a sense of generously open space in the apartments at Fasangasse 3. The combination of generous ceiling heights and glass fronts on three sides lends the bay apartment a feeling of vitality and openness. Taken as a whole, the bold roof design makes a dramatic urban statement at this important civic hub.


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